About Be@Ease


Hear from Bob Lee, founder of Ride for 3 Reasons and Be@Ease benefactor, about his passion for advance care planning.

In 2012, Barrington, Illinois resident Bob Lee completed Ride for 3 Reasons – a 12,000-mile solo bike trip around the borders of the United States. His ride raised funds for three programs important to him – ALS, Cancer, and this project – Be@Ease.

Through personal experience, Bob recognized the importance of advance care planning and asked us to create a process that helps people think and talk about the way they would like to be cared for if they can no longer speak for themselves. We started this as a local community drive and are now offering all the training materials we developed to other communities at no charge.

While many materials are available on advance care planning, many focus on the elderly, seriously ill and those at end-of-life.  We wanted to develop something that a more family friendly approach – Be@Ease.  We purposely positioned our program to target all adults (age 18+).  We wanted advance care planning to be something all healthy adults have in place, like life insurance, home insurance and a will.

We segmented the advance care planning process into three steps, which correlate to what you see on our website.  We named our process “My What-if Plan”.

  • Think About it
  • Put it in Writing
  • Share it With Others

We opted to use a nationally recognized advance directive planning tool, Five Wishes, for its simplicity and ease of use.  We are not affiliated with Five Wishes and receive no compensation for its use.

We hope that this website, and the tools we’ve put together, help you and your loved ones complete advance care plans.  For professionals, please use the tools available here, to start a community drive in your neighborhood!

Give yourself and others peace of mind, by completing your own advance directives.  The unexpected can happen to anyone at any age. End of life decisions should not be made at the end of life.