Be@Ease and Clergy Help Bring Peace to Families in Times of Crisis

If on your way to work this morning you were injured in a terrible accident and doctors weren’t sure you would survive, would your family members know how to honor your final wishes?

According to a recent survey by the California Health Foundation, 60 percent of respondents said it was extremely important that their family not be burdened in making tough decisions about their care. However, 56 percent of respondents had not discussed their wishes.

Arlington Heights Ministerial Association has joined the Be@Ease campaign to help residents learn to talk about advance care plans so that if an emergency situation ever does arise, families are prepared.

Besides getting the conversation started, the Be@Ease campaign also provides access to Five Wishes©, a nationally recognized document that allows anyone 18 and older to share their wishes about the end of life.  Once completed, the Five Wishes document is valid under the laws of 42 states, including Illinois.

Five Wishes ask people to discuss:

1.  The person I want to make care decisions for me when I can’t
2.  The kind of medical treatment I want or don’t want
3.  How comfortable I want to be
4.  How I want people to treat me
5.  What I want my loved ones to know

Lynndah Easterwood Lahey, Executive Director, Escorted Transportation Service Northwest, supports the Arlington Heights Ministerial Association in its pursuit and promotion of the Five Wishes program.  “We know it will make an impact on many individuals in the community,” she explained. ” As a nonprofit organization that provides volunteer-based transportation for our community’s seniors to their medical appointments, we will spread the word to our 300+ senior passengers.”

The Arlington Heights Ministerial Association, whose leaders often are called to guide a family through times of crisis, will be hosting 11 free seminars during Five Wishes Week, April 11-18 and April 25, to provide convenient opportunities and locations for residents to engage in conversation.

St. John UCC
10 a.m.7 p.m.
Quest Church
7 p.m.
St. James Parish
10 a.m.
First Presbyterian Church
6 p.m.
First United Methodist
7 p.m.
St. Simon's Episcopal
Southminister Presbyterian
4 p.m.
Congregational UCC
10 a.m.
St. Peter Lutheran (a.m.)
10 a.m.
St. Peter Lutheran (p.m.)
2 p.m.