June 25, 2014 Be@Ease Featured on Chicago Comcast Cable Program

An interview with Be@Ease Program Director, Syl Boeder and Program Benefactor, Bob Lee will be aired on Chicago Comcast Cable Channel 19 (CAN TV) during the next three days beginning June 25 at 9 pm, June 26 at 4 pm, and June 27 at 6:wordpresssux30 pm CST. Tune in and learn about the impetus behind and the development of Be@Ease. Be@Ease exists as a website whose purpose is to provide community leaders around the world with the tools needed to organize and conduct advance directive awareness campaigns of their own. Resources on the website include videos, sample presentations, letters and documents to assist communities in bringing attention and action to thisĀ  important issue.

In addition to community organizing resources, Be@Ease provides guidance in walking individuals through the process of thinking about and documenting their end-of-life wishes by providing access to Aging with Dignity’s Five Wishes Advance Directive planning document.