Making Sure Doctors Follow Your Wishes

My mother died a number of years ago and my sisters and I were caring for my dad. As my dad’s health declined, we all talked about what he wanted when his time came.  He clearly shared that nothing was to be done to extend his life.

I was with him the night he went to the hospital. The doctor in the emergency room came out and asked for someone from Mr. Henry’s family. He said that my father was in critical condition and asked me what I wanted him to do. I told him that nothing was to be done other than to make sure he was not in any pain. A few minutes later the doctor came out and said that my father was dead.

It was only later when I was sitting in hospital waiting room, that the doctor came and said he had gone back and checked my dad’s medical record and noticed the DNR order. I am grateful my dad died as he had wanted, but had I not been with him, the ER staff would have done whatever was necessary to keep my dad alive. I see the value of Be@Ease as a way of providing the medical community with the information essential to treating patients according to their wishes. The other critical component is training the medical community to check medical records BEFORE they start treating a patient.

Connie S.
Lake Barrington