Community Resource Kit

Syl Boeder Talks About the Community Drive

Hear from Syl Boeder about the Barrington, Illinois community drive.

The initial launch of our community drive is now complete, and we are sharing the tools and training materials we developed with you at no cost.  Our aim is to support communities in offering their own drives that encourage advance care planning as something every healthy adult age 18 plus should do.  We do not consider our drive to be over, but instead consider advance care planning to be an integral program that has been incorporated into our community.

In addition to the resource kit, we encourage you to use this website in your community drive.  It is consumer-oriented and provides a simple process to help people put their advance care wishes in writing and then share them with loved ones and caregivers. We hope that you will replicate our project and have success in encouraging your neighbors, friends, and family to talk about advance care planning in your community!

If you have difficulty accessing these resources, email for assistance.