I am Grateful there is a Community Program like Be@Ease

My husband and I are first generation immigrants. We come from a culture where the expectation is for children to care for their parents as they age. It is different here, and I want to be prepared. I have tried to talk to my husband about what I want for myself at the end of my life, but this bothers him.

I am so grateful there is a Five Wishes document and a community program like Be@Ease where I can turn for help and encouragement. I am completing a form for myself in order to spare my husband the agony of making difficult decisions if I cannot speak for myself. I will have my husband and each of our children complete one for themselves as well. Because the Five Wishes document includes sections addressing the spiritual and emotional needs of a person, I am comforted to know our Indian culture and religious traditions will be observed at my death. I feel so strongly about the need for people to define their end-of-life wishes, I have taken this document to my church group and will have a Be@Ease representative come and speak to us.