My What If Plan

We’ve developed a simple process that helps you prepare for the unexpected. Our process, the My What-if Plan, lets you create and share a document that speaks for you if you can’t speak for yourself. It’s also known as an advance directive, and it lets your family, friends and doctors understand the care and life-sustaining measures you want.

My What-if Plan is a simple 3-step process that helps you prepare for the Just in Cases and What-ifs of life. It helps you:

  • Think about it.
  • Put it in writing.
  • Share it with others.

When is it time to re-examine your plan?

Things change. As life keeps moving on, your plan may need tweaking or rewriting. The five D’s can help you remember when it’s time to re-think your existing document:

  • Decade – each new decade of your life.
  • Death – if your designated health care agent, spouse or significant other dies.
  • Divorce – or any major family shift.
  • Diagnosis – if you’re diagnosed with a serious health condition.
  • Decline – if you experience a significant decline or change in an existing health condition.

Please Note: Be@Ease is a public service initiative of the entities and individuals identified herein, including JourneyCare, Inc., focusing on encouraging the members of the public to prepare an advance care plan. Be@Ease neither provides legal nor other professional advice and does not try to answer all questions. Every person is different and every situation is different. Laws change from time to time. If you have a specific question or problem, consult with a medical or legal professional for advice.