Step 1: Think About It

Step one begins the preparation for documenting your wishes for medical treatment along with your personal, emotional, and spiritual needs.

You can start by thinking about how you wish to be treated if you are seriously injured in an accident or become seriously ill and can no longer speak for yourself:

  • What do I want those I love to know?
  • How do I want people to treat me?
  • Who is the person I want to make care decisions for me when I can’t?
  • What kinds of life sustaining medical treatment do I want — or don’t want?
  • How comfortable do I want to be?

Think very generally about these preferences. You’ll have the opportunity to think in detail during Step 2.

There are many additional resources available to help you through the process. Click on our Resource tab above for links to other articles, books and websites.

The Conversation Project, provides useful written exercises you can go through to begin thinking about your preferences. Note: The Conversation Project is a non-profit corporation. They own all content on their site and are not affiliated with Be@Ease.