Step 2: Put it in Writing

Congratulations, you’re ready for Step 2 – putting your wishes in writing.

Five Wishes is the resource tool we’ve selected to document your advance directives. It was inspired by the work of Mother Teresa of Calcutta and has been recognized by prominent news organizations such as The Wall Street Journal and National Public Radio.

Five Wishes:

  • Helps people plan for and receive the care they want in the case of a serious accident or illness — when they are no longer able to speak for themselves.
  • Was created with the help of the American Bar Association and health care experts.
  • Has been used by over 18 million Americans.
  • Meets state legal requirements in 42 states (including Illinois) and has proven helpful in all 50 states.
  • Is an advance directive (aka, Living Will) that ALSO lets you declare your Health Care Agent – all in one easy to use document.
    For more information on Five Wishes, click here.

To view a sample of the Five Wishes tool (document), click here.

Completing Five Wishes

While supplies last, the document can be completed online, free of charge.  The online version has its advantages:

  1. It has a check box and fill-in-the-blank design. All you have to do is select an option or write a few sentences in response to basic questions and you’re done. No hand writing required!
  2. When completed, you can save, print, email and share your finished document.