The Be@Ease program really works…

My son learned about Be@Ease’s program and encouraged me to check it out. I’ve had a living will in place for several years but when I saw the Five Wishes document I knew I had to complete it. It was comforting to see Wishes 4 ( My Wish For How I Want People To Treat Me) and 5 (My Wish for What I Want My Loved Ones To Know). I completed the document and shared it with my son and doctors. I feel so much better knowing that they are on the same page with my wishes. Nothing is left to doubt!

In addition, I told five of my friends about the program and three of them are already working through the Be@Ease steps for themselves. I’m also going to introduce it to my pastor and volunteer to present a program on advance care planning to our church congregation. Be@Ease has made everything so user friendly and complete. Thank you!

Grace, Barrington, IL