‘Tis the Season for Giving

This time of year marks the start of a month-long opportunity to give the greatest gift to yourself AND your loved ones. The Gift of “peace of mind”.

As you continue through this holiday season, please take a few moments to reflect on your gratitude of the life we have.  Express to those you love your wishes for healthcare decisions, should you find yourself in circumstances where you cannot speak for yourself. What greater gift than the gift of clear direction to guide your loved ones in what can be a stress-filled time of crisis.

This process is referred to as advance care planning, or advance directives.  It seems a topic counter-intuitive to the season of gathering, but rest assured, it is the greatest gift you can give to your loved ones, and in return, that you can ask of those you love. If you have aging parents, siblings, and other family, what better way to start the conversation than to say you have completed your own advance directives and you want to know what their wishes are.

Be@Ease is a community initiative started in Barrington, designed to help families, friends and neighbors think about and document how they would want to be treated if a life-threatening event took place and they were not able to speak for themselves. Through Be@Ease you have access to online resources you can use as you think about your wishes, document them using Five Wishes, and to share them with your loved ones and your medical care providers.

Make it the gift that keeps on giving – share Five Wishes with family, and friends. Encourage them to experience the peace that comes with knowing you have provided precious instructions to ease the burden on family in times of healthcare crisis. Learn more about Be@Ease and the resources available to you by going to www.BeAtEase.org.

Wishing you a happy, healthy, and safe Holiday season.